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Candle Spells

Candle Spell Sadie Tarots London

A spell is essentially a prayer to the Universe to fulfill a wish.

At first, the effects are unseen when they are working on someone's conscience, emotions and perceptions.  There is no reason to worry if nothing seems to change, just be confident that your target is greatly affected. In the meantime, fate is working for you!

I can cast love spells, good luck spells, candle spells  for employment with powerful white magic.

I create my own candles, and they will be shipped to you within 72 hours (United Kingdom residents only). Likewise, I can cast spells for you and I will send you a video with results the next day.

Pocket-Sized Spells

Use this mini spell as a lucky charm for yourself or as a complement to my rituals. The envelope includes a sigil (magic formula) created specifically for your needs and requests (love, money, protection, prosperity, etc).

The talisman can also be given to your target as a gift (they would have no idea it is a spell. The message is unreadable even though they open the envelope).

Please keep in mind that a pocket-sized spell does not replace my standard (and more complex) rituals.

Mojo Bags

Mojo bag Sadie Tarots London

A Mojo bag  is an elaborated lucky charm that will be tailored specially for you and will contain your wishes.

I will combine gemstones, herbs, charms, hand written formula on paper to help achieving your goals. I will provide you with written instructions to  explain how to keep your mojo bag "alive" 

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