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How many clients do you accept a day ? 


Max three clients. A psychic reading or a spell requires a lot of energy and I have limited time.


Are you always available? 


I am afraid  I am not. 


I have a “classic” Mon-Fri job on top of my readings/spells. And - mostly - I have a family and a private life. 

 Please do not call me without an appointment, I won’t answer . Thanks for understanding! 


You can email me anytime, I will try to reply as soon as possible. 


What are your working hours? 


I am available for psychic readings (video calls) from Monday to Friday between 6.30 pm and 8 pm


Video recorded readings  and readings via email will be delivered within  24-48 hours (depending on your purchase) after payment has been received. 

Weekends by appointments only . I do not guarantee replies to your messages on Saturday or Sundays , unless I have to be in touch with you for a spellwork or we have previously agreed a reading . 


How can I pay? 


I accept any debit/credit card and PayPal. 


Do you offer free readings? 


No. Part of your money goes to charity (I help cats and dogs in need), and the energy I use to do a psychic reading requires a reward. 


Cancellation policy


You can cancel your reading (or your spell) and have a full refund up to 24 hours before the reading is due. I do not offer refunds in case of late cancellation .

Spells  and  Psychic Readings are non-refundable . They are not a science and no spell or tarot consultation can guarantee a 100% result. 

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