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My Story


Hello everyone, I'm Sadie! I was born on Halloween in 1971, and I'm a third-generation psychic and intuitive tarot reader. I started learning tarot at the age of 7, thanks to my granny, who was also a psychic reader and a medium. With my inherited psychic abilities, I can establish a powerful connection with clients all over the world, providing spiritual insight to those seeking answers to life's questions. As a native Italian speaker, I'm also fluent in English and French. Since 2014, I have been based in London (UK), offering a variety of psychic services to help clients see their own life potential.

Since 2015, my best friend and loyal black cat familiar, Henry, has been assisting me in my daily divination practices. I found him standing outside my door and we've been inseparable ever since.


Besides the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck, I also use an Italian oracle card deck called Sibille (also known as "Chatty Cards" or "Chiacchierine" in Italian). These cards consistently provide accurate insight, and I've been amazed by their ability to reveal true facts for my clients over the years.

In addition to providing guidance, I can offer accurate details on any subject you may inquire about. As a psychic reader, I believe tarot cards are merely tools that complement our innate psychic abilities to perceive things beyond the physical realm.

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